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Seeking “Green” technologies/processes for manufacturing triglycerides

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Seeking “Green” technologies/processes for manufacturing triglycerides


The Company has global processing operations with well-established customer base and market access. The client is open to exploring different ways of working with technology developers ranging from collaborative research and development projects for earlier-stage technologies; to licensing of technology with high technical readiness; and longer-term investment (e.g., joint-ventures or mergers / acquisition).

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


The Company is actively searching for technologies and approaches for manufacturing sustainably-produced triglycerides of saturated carbon chains between C8 – C24.
Examples of technologies of interest include (but are not limited to): 

• Production of triglycerides:
o Fermentation and extraction of triglycerides from oleaginous microorganisms (e.g. microalgae, yeast, bacteria, fungi)
o Cell-free biosynthetic pathways (e.g. enzymatic)
o Catalytic production of triglyceride and triglycerides precursors and building blocks e.g., glycerol and fatty acids

• Carbon / hydrogen capture and generation methods for use as feedstocks for making triglycerides
o Utilisation of CO2 and other carbon sources such as waste / by-products (e.g. free fatty acids and glycerol) or other renewable feedstocks
o Electrical photosynthesis
o Sustainable sources of hydrogen for chemical synthesis
Ideally, the potential solutions would have the following benefits: 


• Use of inexpensive feedstocks

• Low energy and/or water consumption

• Minimises waste production

• Demonstrated proof-of-concept

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought


Technology Keywords

10.2 Environment

Market Application Keywords

5.3.1 Disposable products

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client


Type and Role of Partner Sought

Industries that may have relevant technologies include biofuel and sustainable fuels, food and beverage, consumer healthcare, personal care, green chemicals, biorefineries.

Type of Partnership Considered

Financial agreement
Joint venture agreement
Research cooperation agreement


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