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Seeking printable conductive / resistive inks and materials

88 2023. 8. 24.
Seeking printable conductive / resistive inks and materials


Our client is an established manufacturer of small electrical devices. The company is continually investing in NPD (new product development) and is currently focused on reducing the cost and environmental impact of their products. The electronics industry is investigating the use of conductive and/or resistive inks and materials to replace metallic materials typically used in printed electronics, sensors, heating elements and RFID/smart packaging, etc. However, many current conductive inks contain silver, which is not acceptable from an environmental standpoint to the client. They therefore wish to identify alternative materials which can still maintain the technical performance required by the end-products. 

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


In the first instance, the client wishes to use conductive inks in a printed, resistive heater application, utilising paper / card / board as a substrate, enabling easy disposal after use. They are therefore interested in identifying potential materials and/or application technologies including (but not limited to):


 • Printable conductive / resistive inks (e.g., non-metallic, graphene-based, carbon or aluminium) for paper / card substrates

 • Additive processes enabling use of conductive / resistive materials – e.g., ink-jet printing, vapour deposition, etc. 

• Printable resistive heater solutions

 • Technologies to create layers of printable graphene inks that are 10s of microns thick, with high reproducibility 


Technologies should enable the following printed product:

 • Thickness of printed layer < 50 μm (ideally < 10 μm) 

• Small printed area (e.g., 1 cm2 ) • Sheet resistance < 40.0 Ω (eventually < 5.0 Ω) 

• Applicable to paper / card / board substrates

 • Enable high temperature (i.e. > 100 ⁰C) • Potential for high-volume, high speed and cost-effective production in next 5 years 


NB The following materials are out of scope – silver / copper based inks and aluminium foil-paper laminates.


Applicable technologies could come from companies or research organisations developing printed and flexible electronics used in medical, consumer, automotive, fashion, retail and packaging. 

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought


Technology Keywords

Market Application Keywords

5.1.7 Other

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

Industry SME 11-49

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The client is actively searching for potential suppliers and technology companies that could support their product development efforts. They have an established customer base and global operations that provide routes to market for both new and established companies. The client is interested in potential collaboration with groups looking to commercialise relevant technologies and companies who will consider a variety of collaborations, ranging from trading partnerships, licensing through to joint venture and supply.

Type of Partnership Considered

Joint Venture Agreement
License Agreement
Manufacturing Agreement


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