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Seeking partners who can help develop or manufacture functionalised materials or structures

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Seeking partners who can help develop or manufacture functionalised materials or structures


The UK Company is an established electronic manufacturing organisation highly active in  research and 
development. They  are  continually  seeking  and  evaluating  next  generation  materials  and 
manufacturing approaches that have the potential to improve the functionality of end products. 

Stage of Development

TRL 3 - Proposal under development


The UK Company  is searching for partners who can help develop or manufacture functionalised materials or structures. Ideally, the material will be:

•         Conductive – high electrical and thermal conductance desirable
•         Liquid retaining – to allow liquid to be held within, or on the surface of, the material
•         Temperature stable – able to withstand high temperatures and temperature fluctuations
•         Non-toxic – the manufacturing process should also not use toxic chemicals
•         Self-supporting – imparting structural integrity within the final application

Carbon based materials could deliver many of the desired characteristics and therefore partners who 
can help develop such materials are of interest. The Company are also looking for research organisations, 
universities or companies with the technology or manufacturing expertise to develop alternative 
novel materials and/or composites that possess similar finished form properties. Early stage proof-of 
concept technologies to commercialised systems / materials (i.e. TRL 3 – 9) are in scope. 

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The Company is open to discussions with companies developing materials for various applications (e.g. for 
air/water purification, sensors, energy storage / fuel cells, flexible electronics etc.) that may have the 
relevant manufacturing expertise or technology, with whom they can collaborate.

Ideally, the above properties will be delivered by a single material, but multilayer structures that 
combine materials to deliver the necessary functionality are also of interest. 

Technology Keywords

Market Application Keywords

2.7.11 Manufacturing/industrial

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client


Type and Role of Partner Sought

The Company is actively searching for partners to support their product development efforts.  They have 
an established customer base and global operations that provide routes to market for both new and 
established companies.  The company can provide resources to scale up relevant processes and 
technologies,  including  financial  investment  and  joint  development.    

The  Company is  interested  in potential collaboration with groups looking to commercialise relevant technologies and companies who will consider a variety of collaborations, ranging from trading partnerships, licensing through to joint venture and acquisition. 

Type of Partnership Considered

Acquisition Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
License Agreement
Manufacturing Agreement


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