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New techniques for agricultural, ecological, self-made products

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New techniques for agricultural, ecological, self-made products


Spanish agricultural company is looking for new techniques for agricultural, ecological, self-made products through a technical cooperation or financial agreement. The company is located in Valencia (Spain). It has more than ten years of experience in the agriculture sector. They grow fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables based on modern, advanced and sustainable agriculture. One of the advantages offered by the project is to strengthen the farmer-consumer relationship, so that the acquisition of products is made directly. They are searching for new crop-growing techniques to expand through a technical cooperation or a financial agreement 

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


The company is dedicated to the production of fruits and vegetables in the Huerta Valenciana region (Spain). It was born in 2012 from three farmers with experience in the sector. It is characterized by cultivating 30 acres, of which 5 are citrus crops, 1 acre of fruit trees, 1 acre of aromatic herbs and 22 acres of outdoor vegetables and 1 acre of greenhouse vegetables. The company produces 70 products including: 5 citrus fruits, 5 fruit trees, 10 aromatic herbs and 50 vegetables. It should be noted that all horticultural production is seasonal, giving priority to the cultivation of local varieties of commercial interest.


The company sells with a different brand name. Its offer consists of 200 references, of which 90% are its own production and 10% are from farmers from other regions of the Valencian Community. They add this third-party production to their offer because it is not possible to grow all the seasonal products that can be found on the market.


In the development of this work, an annual average of 30 people take part. Of these, 15 take part in the field cultivating and collecting, 10 in the warehouse preparing and marketing, 5 in administration, billing and certifying all processes.


The company has an organization system based on machinery and specialized personnel in order to provide quality and speed in cultivation and distribution.


 Their objective is to commercialize all the production through short channels, local proximity market, trying to bring the product closer to the final consumer, preserving its values, which are clearly agro-ecological, in accordance with the sustainability expectations demanded by today's society. The objective is the implementation and development of new ecological production techniques, as well as the infrastructure determined for the expansion of the facilities for visits by third parties interested in the project.

 The intention is, on the one hand, to obtain financing to be able to invest in the spaces destined to show the cultivation techniques and the form of commercialization.

On the other hand, it is crucial to optimize the resources that allow you to continue with your activity, make yourself known in the sector, learn about new production techniques that are used by other agricultural companies and can be implemented in this one. Therefore, what is intended from the partner is: either to acquire financing for the facilities or for improvements in the company, such as the exchange of cultivation techniques or development of machinery that can facilitate the work, without losing the essence of the product. More specifically, the partner sought must have know-how of new techniques in agricultural development, irrigation systems or specialized machinery.

 This technology cooperation or financial agreement is required in order to grow in the sector, to be able to reach most of the nearby commerce and the company believes that international agriculture can bring a different approach to this project. The desired outcome is that the company and partner(s) benefit from sharing their techniques, know-how and machinery to expand in their respective countries´markets. 

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The specific and necessary requirement is that the partner must be able to provide the company with new techniques related to agriculture, irrigation systems, or specialized machinery that he knows or is used by the partner in his country.


 Any type of technique or machine that is capable of facilitating the development of their activity without losing the essence of the product, can be taken into account by the company.

 In any case, another one of the objectives that the company seeks is the possibility of obtaining financial aid to be able to develop the project related to the facilities that will be used for the visits that third parties want to make to the company, in order to see the development of the product and the final result.

Technology Keywords

7.1.4 Crop Production
7.1.5 Horticulture
7.1.6 Pesticides

Market Application Keywords

7.3.2 Health food
7.4.6 Garden and horticultural products

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

Industry SME 11-49

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The business profile (in size and turnover) of the partner sought must be similar to that of the company. The requirements from the company are to find a technological cooperation or a financial agreement that is dedicated to the agriculture sector, or even technology and can collaborate in the exchange of production techniques and development of traditional agriculture and marketing throughout the Valencia area (Spain). More specifically, techniques to access the consumer and ways that allow them to access the physical environment.

Moreover, the company is also looking for a partner who wants to collaborate economically in the project related to the implementation of areas for the visualization and exposition of the work method and the final product. Nationality does not matter, but experience in the field of agriculture is a must, not necessary for it to be the field of work, but have technical and practical knowledge, such as a university or agricultural research center. The company must be open to collaborating through a technical cooperation or a financial agreement(s).

Type of Partnership Considered

Financial agreement
Technical cooperation agreement


DeltaTech-Korea Ltd.

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