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Recover soluble proteins, minerals, salts or carbon dioxide

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Recover soluble proteins, minerals, salts or carbon dioxide


A UK (Scottish) biotechnology company is looking to partner with companies with proven technology and capability in recovery of one or all of the following outputs from by-product streams: 1. soluble proteins 2. minerals and salts 3. carbon dioxide The SME are looking to further valorise the components from its raw material sources. Cooperation is envisioned under either a services, technical cooperation, manufacturing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Stage of Development

TRL 7 - Concept Stage


The Scottish SME, which was established in 2017 has perfected the extraction of a natural biopolymer. From this, it has produced biodegradable thin packaging films which have attracted interest from global brands and others who now wish to use this to replace single-use plastics in a wide range of situations. The company is building its own commercial scale extraction facility to produce its biopolymer during the first half of 2022.  


 The biotechnology company also wishes to capture, for further valorisation, the other components from its raw material sources which would otherwise be classified as by-products resulting from its process. These components include:

1. a proteinaceous broth

2. soluble and insoluble salts

3. carbon dioxide


 Efficient and proven technology is a prerequisite but the company appreciates that some adaptation may be necessary to make it compatible with the other processing steps and equipment. Consideration will also be given to companies who may also be able to market the captured proteins, minerals and carbon dioxide.


 The company's proprietary technology is protected by trademarks, and patents are being sought for its innovative products produced from its biopolymer know-how. 


 A long-term relationship is envisaged with the solution provider/s especially with respect to companies who are, or may, be able to valorise the protein, minerals and salts or the carbon dioxide captured from the by-product stream. This would assist the company to focus on its core strength which is producing valuable novel products from its biopolymer expertise. Cooperation is expected to take place under either a services, technical cooperation, manufacturing or commercial agreement with technical assistance. These partnership types will be as agreed with the partner organisation based upon what they are able to offer in line with the prerequisites in this profile.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

It is expected that interested parties provide a profile of their organisation comprising their expertise and capabilities against the outlines provided as follows:


- “turn-key” technology

- successful client track-record

- pilot facilities to test their by-product stream and determine system specification before installation

- expertise in compliance standards for Food, Pharma and medical devices such as BRC, FSSC22000, ISO13485, GMP.

Technology Keywords

10.3.1 Biotreatment/Compost/Bioconversion
10.3.4 Recycling, Recovery

Market Application Keywords

8.2.3 Process control equipment and systems
8.4.3 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
8.4.4 Other pollution and recycling related

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

Industry SME 11-49

Type and Role of Partner Sought

 An established biotechnology or waste-capture business with design capability to provide turn-key or bespoke systems for recovering proteins, soluble and insoluble minerals and salts from aqueous solutions/slurries and capture carbon dioxide. Competencies will include design and operating under ISO compliance standards for regulated markets such as food, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Manufacturing agreement
Services agreement
Technical cooperation agreement


DeltaTech-Korea Ltd.

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