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Accelerated rain erosion test for aeronautic material validation

219 2022. 6. 7.
Accelerated rain erosion test for aeronautic material validation


Spanish entity is looking for a partner to develop accelerated rain erosion test for aeronautic material validation. A Croatian academic research group active in the field of high-throughput monoclonal antibodies (mAb) development for cutting-edge applications, including proteome analysis offers its collection of mAb. Additionally, the offer includes customized production of proteins. The potential application field is industry and academia worldwide, for research and experimental therapies. The center is interested in non-exclusive licensing agreements or service agreement and joint research.


The Spanish technology center is a research foundation which partnership comprises the most relevant private companies in the industrial area of north Spain, ranging a large variety of industrial sectors: energy, construction, machine-tool, aeronautics and automotive.


The center has two areas of business: i) research, ii) and laboratory services, with four specialized and accredited laboratories very specialized on offering services to the aeronautical sector.


The research team is involved in a continuous “open-innovation” line-management process in order to accrue enough knowledge and capacities to face any challenging research project for industry. The center offers 4 high-tech and excellent research areas: sustainable management (Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Product Categories Rules (PCR), eco-design, Software engineering (FIWARE applications (use context broker in IoT applications, ORION and other Components as IDAS, KEYROCK, Cygnus and CKAN extensions), Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Block chain), polymers and biopolymers, composites (formulation and transformation of plastics from renewable sources) and thermal sprayed coatings (the technology of thermal projection, which includes different techniques for depositing coatings, allows the manufacture of pieces of high added value, mainly for markets such as transport (aeronautic, automotive and rail) and oil gas).


The technology center is involved in this moment in a research project for developing materials for the aeronautical sector. They are searching for a partner experienced in "accelerated rain erosion test", in order to analyze and validate properties of materials.


The partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The entity, preferably a laboratory or a technological center, with suitable facilities, shall provide assistance in-depth with the development of the tests and validation of the aeronautic material.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The erosion of a material which is caused by rains depends on a great number of test parameters. The most important parameters area the impact velocity, angle of incidence of the drops, density of rain measured as the ratio water volume/air volume, drop size, temperature of the water and specimen and gas content of the water.

For the investigation serving to compare different material, we had preliminary agreed or chosen the fallowing standard conditions 

• Impact velocity=410 m/s

• Water volume concentration (rain density)  Ƿw/l=10-5

• Medium drop diameter  D=1.2 mm • Angle of incidence   Ɵ=0º

• Specimen temperature  Tp=40ºC

• Water temperature   Tw=25 ºC

• Gas content of the water: almost nitrogen saturated (20ºC, 5atm nitrogen)

• The test will be carried out on a flat cylindrical specimen of 10-8 mm diameter and thickness form 2 to 10 mm. The area exposed to the rain is 1,76 cm2

Technology Keywords

2.10.1 Aeronautical technology/Avionics
9.5 Reference Materials

Market Application Keywords

8.1.9 Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

R&D institution

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type:  Laboratory or technological center.


Activity: The partner shall has the expertise and facilities to develop "accelerated rain erosion test" with expertise in aeronautic.


Role: Laboratory Tests Developer, to develop the accelerated rain erosion tests to validate aeronautic materials. 


Partnership: Commercial Agreement with technical assistance in-depth with the development of the tests and validation of the aeronautic material.

Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial agreement with technical assistance


DeltaTech-Korea Ltd.

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