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Southwest Jiaotong University in China looking for foreign partners to joint R&D in Green Energy Sector

604 2023. 12. 7.
Southwest Jiaotong University in China looking for foreign partners to joint R&D in Green Energy Sector


Centered around the research directions of Green Energy as outlined in the application guidelines, the University propose eight major research topics based on the existing research foundation and advantageous technologies of the leading institution from China, Southwest Jiaotong University. We invite interested partners to collaborate on joint research and development. 

Advantages and Innovations

Power conversion and control, high-efficiency energy storage technology, solid-statepulse power devices, solid-state microwave devices, mechanical phased arrayantennas, conformal metamaterial antennas, power conversion and control, intelligent detection and control, among others. 

Stage of Development

TRL 3 - Proposal under development


General informations about the Projects open for Joint R&D Collaboration: 


1. High-efficiency Solar Energy Conversion, Storage, and Management Technology: Utilizing high-efficiency solar cells to collect and store solar energy, we aim toestablish efficient energy storage and management systems. This system enables flexible scheduling and management of renewable energy, storing surplus energy for release when needed, thereby providing reliable and green energy supply. This technology can be applied to solar photovoltaic power plants, distributed energysystems, and more.


2. Research on High-efficiency Power Conversion and Inverter Technology basedonThird-Generation Power Semiconductor Devices such as SiC and GaN: Exploringnovel ultra-high-power devices and ultra-high-frequency power drive technologies toimprove energy conversion and inversion efficiency. This technology finds applications in electric transportation vehicles, industrial power systems, and other areas.


3. High-power, High-efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Antenna Technology: Investigating microwave conversion of stored electrical energy to achieve directedenergy transmission. This technology can be applied to various fields suchas space-based solar power transmission to ground-based stations and efficient wireless charging for new energy vehicles.


4. Smart Grid Technology: Utilizing ground-based antenna systems to receivewireless radio energy transmitted from space, converting it into electricityandintegrating it into the smart grid to supply power to cities. Through systemoptimization and control technologies, energy transmission and power loads canbescheduled and controlled, enabling efficient operation and stable power supply of thegrid. This technology finds applications in urban energy supply and more.


5. Smart Micro grid Technology: Building intelligent micro grid systems basedonrenewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, combined with energystorage technologies. This enables self-sufficiency and distributed management of energy. The system incorporates intelligent monitoring, optimized scheduling, andflexible interconnections to enhance the reliability, safety, and economic viabilityof energy. This technology can be applied to power supply in remote areas, islands, andisolated communities.


6. Research on Application Technologies in Related Industrial Chains: 

  • Smart City Lighting System: Constructing efficient smart city lightingsystems using intelligent lighting control technologies and solar photovoltaic power generation. The system automatically adjusts the brightness of lighting basedonenvironmental conditions, minimizing energy consumption. It also provides intelligent monitoring and maintenance functions, achieving energy savings andenvironmental friendliness. 
  • Smart Home Energy Management System: Utilizing intelligent control technologies and green energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to achieveefficient management and utilization of energy in residential homes. The systemmonitors household energy consumption and intelligently regulates the energy usageof appliances, lighting, and other devices, minimizing energy waste. 
  • Smart Agriculture Energy Management: Providing green energy solutions for the agricultural sector through the application of intelligent sensing technologies, solar power, and energy storage systems. For example, utilizing solar power generation and storage systems to supply electricity to greenhouses, control irrigationsystems, and provide sustainable energy for agricultural facilities 

Technology Keywords

4.5 Renewable Sources of Energy

Market Application Keywords


Sector Group

Renewable Energy

Type and Size of Client


Type and Role of Partner Sought

Based on the chosen collaboration areas, the University will allocate work tasks reasonably toachieve the optimal collaborative outcome. Furthermore, they eagerly anticipate enterprises to present collaboration needs, thereby enhancing the scope and depth of collaboration. 

Additionally, the Chinese collaborating entities will provide demonstrationapplication scenarios for the project's achievements and conduct comprehensivemarket-oriented promotion to facilitate the transformation of outcomes. The University aspire toestablish a long-term collaborative relationship with partners, aiming to achieve remarkable accomplishments in various domains such as technological research and development, market promotion, and beyond in the future.

Type of Partnership Considered

Research cooperation agreement


ITTC (Tianfu International Technology Transfer Center)

Internal Reference




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