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3D shape imaging technology for precise analysis of nanopatterns based on digital holographic

452 2022. 5. 30.
3D shape imaging technology for precise analysis of nanopatterns based on digital holographic


A Korean SME in TRL3-7 are looking for R&D partners to develop 3D shape imaging technologies for process automation, art/culture, materials and parts, and mineral components.


The concepts of R&D are

  • Deep UV for 3D nanostructure/pattern measurement of semiconductor surface, development of next generation reflective fourier typography microscopy system based on light source
  • Obtain High-resolution 3D profile overcoming resolution limited to microscopic object lens NA (Numeric aperture) through the development of irradiation structure and phase restoration algorithm for reflective Fourier typography
  • Manufacturing of starting products for semiconductor circuitry and packaging inspection
  • Improved image resolution through deep learning-based 
    super-resolution technology
  • Optimization of 3D image restoration algorithm through comparative evaluation of 3D standard nano-pattern samples

Stage of Development

TRL 7 - Concept Stage


While conventional microscopic imaging techniques can only connect beams through lenses and obtain intensity information through detectors, Fourier Typography is a technology that increases resolution by replacing objective lenses with low NA lenses and allowing vertically incident sources to enter from various angles.


Development contents

  • Development of optical design and optical packaging technology for reflective fourier typography
  • Development of high-efficiency and high-angle light irradiation technology
  • Development of high speed signal acquisition and image Processing Technology for fourier typography
  • High Resolution 3Dimensional shape reconstruction algorithm and GUI(graphical user interface)
  • Development of image resolution enhancement based on deep learning and image processing
  • Production of standard nano-pattern samples by material for verification of 3D nano-level imaging analysis technology
  • Manufacturing and performance verification of starting products that can be applied to measure semiconductor devices


Application plan of development results

  • process automation
  1. Flexible/High definition display, Wafer defective product Inspection
  2. System/Memory/Ultra-Integrated semiconductor packaging, diagnostic inspection of wearable device parts
  • Art/Cultural Asset
  1. Accurate analysis and secure the surfaces of precise digital data of cultural assets/artwork
  • Materials and Parts
  1. Analysis of MEMS(Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) Microphone, MEMS Actuator, MEMS Cantilevers and Optical MEMS
  2. Fluid topography, surface finish analysis and metasurface characteristic analysis, roughness analysis
  • Optical components
  1. Inspection of micro optics and structured thin film


Target performance

Core Performance Indicators


Target performance score




≤ 250


Height resolution


≤ 40


FOV(Field of view)


≥ 80


Why Need To Support?


Technical Support

  • As semiconductors and circuit sizes continue to decrease, core technologies of 3D measuring equipment for resolution improvement and nanostructure analysis are required compared to existing light-based measuring equipment
  • It is necessary to secure competitiveness of international domestic equipment for enter global market by securing independent technology of high resolution 3D measuring equipment and occupying the latest technology in advance


Financial Support 

  • The industry of measurement machine vision market is expected to reach 14.00B$ by 2024, but currently the U.S. and Japan is dominating most of global semiconductor measurement and inspection equipment markets. Therefore, it is necessary to preoccupy global markets by securing nanostructure imaging technology that can respond to semiconductor manufacturing industry demands.


Policy Support 

  • According to the Confirmation of implementation plan for nanomaterial technology development project in 2020, it is necessary to implement preemptive investment plans such as future material parts, leading edge research inspection  equipment and analysis technique


International cooperation 

  • It is necessary to fuse source technology and secure opportunity entering the global market by cooperating with each other who possessing Nanostructure measurement-based technology and three-dimensional imaging acquisition algorithm technology and optical design and structural application technology

Technology Keywords

1.2.12 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
5.7.1 Micro-Mechanics
5.10 Micro- and Nanotechnology related to physical and exact sciences
6.2.6 Microbiology
6.4 Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciences

Market Application Keywords

5.1.2 Medical imaging

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

Industry SME 11-49

Type and Role of Partner Sought

The company is looking for R&D partners to develop 3D shape imaging technology for precise analysis of nano patterns based on digital holographic.

Type of Partnership Considered

Research cooperation agreement


Small Machines

Internal Reference




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