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A Korean company that has developed a dementia prevention program is seeking partners for global expansion

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A Korean company that has developed a dementia prevention program is seeking partners for global expansion


The dementia prevention program is based on WW-FINGERS, underwent a 3-year trial demonstrating efficacy in cognitive training, exercise, nutrition, vascular care, and motivation, certificated by Korea`s Ministry of Health. 


Implemented in Korean hospitals and institutions, the program offers tailored content, for general and mild dementia, while delaying progression with minimal risks and costs. 


Seeking global partners for localization, business contracts, technology exports, and joint research.

Advantages and Innovations

  • The global aging population is leading to an expansion of the dementia and mild cognitive impairment market.


  • With dementia prevention software, it is now possible to provide customized solutions based on data that were previously deemed impossible.
    • Offering multi-domain intervention content (cognitive training, exercise, nutrition management, vascular care, motivation).
    • When connected to wireless internet through the software, it can be used anytime, anywhere, reducing constraints of time and space.
    • Telemedicine improves medical productivity (workforce efficiency) and saves patient time (AMC, 2023).
    • Improved medical productivity is achieved through the provision of prescription basis data and recommended curricula.
    • Enhanced medical accessibility and cost savings in national dementia management can be achieved through early intervention.


  • Scientific effectiveness is being proven and continuous research and development are ongoing through large-scale clinical studies.
    • More than 19 global theses including Aging, Frontier, Neurotherapeutics, and so on.
    • Cumulative participants in clinical studies exceed 800.
    • Most competitors focus on a single area, either in preclinical or clinical research stages.


  • Various business initiatives are underway in Korea.
    • Prescriptions are being given in non-reimbursable terms from primary to tertiary hospitals.
    • Expansion of dementia prevention programs in institutions (Local Dementia Centres, welfare facilities, public health centres, etc.).
    • The first dementia prevention software-based insurance product has been launched in Korea.
    • Commercialization of dementia prevention diets linked with dementia prevention software is in progress (clinical completion).


  • Preparation for entry into overseas markets is underway.

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


There are more than 55 million dementia patients around the world in 2023, and almost 10 million new cases per year according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to global aging, over 65 years old people will be from 727 million in 2020 to 1.5 billion in 2050. However, there is no cure for dementia. Therefore, it is necessary to approach dementia with a prevention aspect.


There is a pre-dementia stage called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). MCI patients can have noticeable cognitive deterioration, but it does not interfere with daily activities. In this stage, we can prevent dementia by delaying the period. Moreover, the Alzheimer’s Association shows that Multidomain Intervention (MI) is the most promising method for prevention.


However, mostly, the current cognitive training programs are focused on one domain and based on paper-and-pencil. Also, the program requires a person or people who can manage the progression. Therefore, it is difficult to deliver personalized content to the user with this method. So, we developed a digitalized cognitive training application that can measure and monitor the users’ data to deliver it in real-time with a non-face-to-face function. Furthermore, the programs are usually focused on one domain, while the application can handle multi-domain which is more suitable for dementia prevention.


The application has an artificial intelligence to recommend personalized content. It recommends most suitable content based on user data.


The application proved its effectiveness through a 3-year clinical trial which is the first trial that used digitalized multidomain intervention for dementia. The participants were divided into three groups: Facility based multidomain intervention (FMI), Home based multidomain intervention (HMI), and Control. FMI participants go to the hospital to use the application, and HMI participants use the application at home. Both groups show cognitive function improvement with more than five RBRANS (Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status) scores, while the control group decreases with almost one score. Generally, the score decreases by 0.5 annually as normal aging, which means the effect of using the application is back to the cognitive level as a decade ago. At the same time, FMI and HMI groups show high retention rates with 88.24% and 96.08% respectively because the application is well designed for the seniors. Also, other index such as blood markers and brain MRI confirmed the effectiveness of the application.

Technology Keywords

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Sector Group

Proximity & Social Economy and Health

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Industry SME 50 – 249

Type and Role of Partner Sought

- Type of partner sought

Companies, public & private medical institutions, universities which deals with digital therapeutics, dementia prevention, app localization, SW optimization, or co-marketing.

Global partners interested in business contracts, technology exports, and joint research.

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Healthcare, IT

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Commercial Agency Agreement
Outsourcing Agreement



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