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Korean Company that developed vision AI technology based on medical video data archiving system are looking for partners which deals with power supplies

23 2024. 2. 1.
Korean Company that developed vision AI technology based on medical video data archiving system are looking for partners which deals with power supplies


Developed globally, visual intelligence tech analyzes medical videos, objectively evaluating complex procedures. It aids collaboration with insurers, clinics, and device manufacturers. The goal is efficient platform transactions, ensuring objectivity in medical evaluations. This tech offers a quantitative assessment for healthcare stakeholders. They are looking for the partner which deals with power supplies.

Advantages and Innovations

The technologies in the field of medical imaging artificial intelligence have traditionally been applied in areas such as X-ray or MRI diagnostic imaging. However, the innovation lies in the application of these technologies to surgical or procedural videos, possessing human-like visual intelligence capable of recognizing and analyzing context. Leveraging this technology, you have developed analysis models for nine different surgeries. The AI models, customized based on user intent with your medical technology, can be tailored within a month. Additionally, over 20 statistical models with statistical significance are available, providing users with quantitative insights into medical procedures.

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


Artificial Intelligence Core Technology


▶ Active Learning Technology based on Open Set

With Active Learning technology based on Open Set, the AI recognizes the characteristics of an object and infers its similarity within the latent space to classify the object, enabling the development of high-performance algorithms.


     ▶ Neural Network Technology for Advancing AI Learning Performance


- Possessing the "X-net" neural network technology for advanced AI learning accuracy.

- X-Net overcomes the limitations of U-net by allowing the separation of the encoder and decoder, enabling supervised learning of latent vectors, and changing to a plugin-based ResNet version to handle the complexity of images, thus improving the accuracy of multi-class classification.

- This has the effect of improving the efficiency of learning through attention blocks.


      ▶ Data Visualization Technology

- The ability to present the results of AI analysis in various report formats.

Technology Keywords

1.2.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
1.2.8 Data Processing/Data Interchange, Middleware
1.2.10 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
1.2.12 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
1.4.5 Information Filtering, Semantics, Statistics

Market Application Keywords

1.4 Data Communications
2.5.2 Intelligent terminals
2.6.4 Data processing, analysis and input services
2.6.6 Databases and on-line information services
2.7.12 Medical/health

Sector Group


Type and Size of Client

Industry SME 11-49

Type and Role of Partner Sought

  • Companies, public institutions, private institutions which deals with power supplies 
  • Hospital (Co-research, Customer) which deals with surgery and producing medical videos. Medical education institution. 
  • Company (Co-development,) – Surgical instrument manufacturer and Robotic assisted surgery machine maker. 
  • Research cooperation (Research partner) which deals with vision AI technology.

Type of Partnership Considered

Commercial agreement with technical assistance
Financial agreement
Research cooperation agreement


MTEG CO., Ltd.

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