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Advanced medical device software using AI to analyze blood vessel shapes

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Advanced medical device software using AI to analyze blood vessel shapes


The software is an advanced medical device software using AI to analyze blood vessel shapes in real-time during coronary angiography. Trained on 10,000+ images, it accurately quantifies cardiovascular lesions, reducing procedure time, improving patient prognosis, and enhancing operator convenience. Unlike traditional methods, the technology eliminates inaccuracies associated with visual estimation while optimizing the workflow at the cath lab.

Advantages and Innovations

  • Realtime: Realtime assistance during coronary angiography
  • Automated: No manual operation required
  • Customized: AI deep learning modified with your needs

Stage of Development

TRL 9 - Already on the market


A medical device software (SaMD) that analyzes the shape of blood vessels photographed through radiation from coronary angiography equipment and provides the results in real-time. A product that innovatively overcomes the limitations of traditional methods using AI technology: quantifies the presence of lesions in the cardiovascular system, lesion information, and degree of stenosis in real-time during the procedure, and assists doctors in making an accurate diagnosis by recommending the optimal stent. The software was trained using more than 10,000 contrast images and has an excellent vessel segmentation performance of 0.92 (f1 score) and vessel segmentation performance of 0.99 (f1 score). It brings advantages such as reducing the procedure's duration, improved patient prognosis, and increased operator convenience.

Technology Keywords

1.3.1 Applications for Health

Market Application Keywords

2.7.12 Medical/health

Sector Group

Proximity & Social Economy and Health

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DeltaTech-Korea Ltd.

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